Xperience Construction is a full-service construction firm offering preconstruction, general contracting, construction management, and design-build services. We operate differently by providing single-source accountability, more transparency in project bids and increased efficiency through a client-centered process. Utilizing our nationwide network, we are able to work anywhere in the US, assembling the best resources to take your project from concept to completion, with excellence throughout the process.

New Construction & Renovation

No matter the size or scale, our vertically integrated team has the experience to manage new construction and renovation projects from beginning to end, with single-source accountability giving you confidence the project will be on-time and on budget.

Market Segments

From sanctuary spaces and banks to retail outlets and theme parks, our talented team of experts consider the end-to-end experience to deliver the most engaging environments.

JD Geyer
General Manager


New Construction & Renovation

As a part of vertically integrated family of companies, Xperience Construction is your primary partner for the entire project, delivering 100% accountability.


With a commitment to transparency, Xperience Construction aims to identify all project costs upfront to reduce change-orders throughout the project and deliver more accountability to the client.

Improved Effeciency

Xperience Construction can improve project timelines by designing and building project elements off-site during the general construction phase, reducing the installation time and delivering the project faster.


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With over 20 years of experience, the Paragon family of businesses have been building spaces that engage audiences, delivering best-in-class experiences.
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